Planetary heredity – WAY

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The crossroads


Sometimes life demands more of us than we are able or willing to give. We feel overtaxed or even threatened by the situations we encounter and try to evade, to go back or even to hide. We may also experience the opposite: things seem to be going well and everything is in order but still there is that nagging feeling of frustration, boredom and emptiness.

Whether the demand for change and development comes from the external world (financial problems, divorce, death, illness, accident, retirement) or whether it is the result of inner impulses and processes (longing for “more”, ideals, visions, reorientation), in both cases we find ourselves stuck in a dead end. Now, which WAY to go? The dead end (“temporary vacuum”) is a symbolic image that describes the hopelessness of a current state and the necessity for reorientation and revaluation of our goals and ambitions.

If we want to experience the true nature of things, if we want to find meaning, we need to abandon the well-known path and choose the small and wild one, for this is the only way we can find ourselves.

WAY out

Who Are You? With planetary heredity you will find the answer. Your birthchart shows the ground colours of your temperament, the framework of your personality and describes your potential as well as your limits. By becoming aware of your own nature and identity you regain the ability to act freely and confidently and you start to resume responsibility for your own life. Knowing yourself heightens your awareness and broadens your horizon and helps you to concentrate on the essentials and to avoid wrong tracks.

Understanding the principle of life and it’s laws is essential for an effective, authentic and practical self-knowledge. The answers are all there, we just have to look, listen and make connections. Take a look behind the curtain, you won´t regret it. You will certainly make exciting and pleasant discoveries but you will also be confronted with facts, that will feel rather unpleasant. The journey to yourself is less comparable to a pleasant drive than to a bumpy ride. You will see wonderful and enchanting landscapes and you will also traverse cold and barren wastelands. So, take a seat and make yourself comfortable. And don´t forget to fasten your seat belt (just in case).